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From the outdoor deck to the corner booth, the downstairs lounge to the rooftop bar, inTouch Mobile and tablet point of sale terminals allow you to service your customers wherever they are enjoying your hospitality. Our technology gives you and your staff the ultimate flexibility in providing excellent, immediate service that translates into increased operating efficiencies, greater profits, and an enhanced guest experience. inTouch continues to lead the way with innovative handheld and tablet technologies.

Take Orders On The Move!

The reality today is that the hospitality foodservice market is highly competitive. To stay ahead of your competition as a restaurateur, you have no choice but to keep this kind of data at your fingertips.

InTouch Stock Control is a state-of-the-art Inventory Control package which provides the answers that you’ve been looking for in effectively controlling food, beverage and paper costs – stockyour variable operating costs.

By providing simple, but powerful analytical processing tools – including actual vs. theoretical comparisons, variance analysis – We put complete cost control at your fingertips. Stop backtracking and duplicating process today! InTouch Stock Control automates the ordering and receiving process.

inTouch Mobile allows the user to do everything the Aloha Point of Sale system can do – and more. Unlike other mobile solutions, a server using inTouch Mobile can work an entire shift without having to resort to an actual Point of Sale terminal, meaning more time on the floor serving guests.

This no-nonsense application will run on any iPod Touch and has a user interface designed to allow servers to work quickly and efficiently, optimising customer service. All a restaurant needs to gain the full benefits from the inTouch Mobile app is a good Wi-Fi infrastructure with the correct security measurements in place. There is no need for additional storage and no training is required. This revolutionary new app has many unique features, all designed to help a hospitality operation give the best customer service they can at minimal cost. The Order Taking features exclusive to inTouch Mobile include Express Ordering, a Search Box for easy location of items, and pop-ups to remind servers to ask the right questions for maximum guest satisfaction and up-selling.

The Table Management features of inTouch Mobile are equally useful; servers can easily transfer tables and are able to merge bills, tables and tabs in seconds. When the time comes to pay the bill, inTouch Mobile allows for different tender types, split bills and split payments. Comps and promos can be applied to bills, and tips can be registered for pooling at a later stage. Anything a standard POS system does, inTouch Mobile does just as well.

Another important feature of intouch Mobile, in terms of helping the environment, is the fact that servers no longer need to print a bill. They can simply present a neat, professional digital bill by flipping their handheld towards the guest for approval.

Unlike other mobile solutions a server can work their whole shift without having to resort to using an actual Point of Sale terminal.

Want a bigger screen, run the inTouch Mobile app on your iPad and you can enjoy the larger screen real estate of your iPad.

Another advantage is the fact that there are tons of peripherals for these devices, so customise it exactly the way you want. You can buy covers, sleeves, battery packs, protectors and much, much more.

Welcome to the next generation of point of sales devices.

Our Trusted Suppliers

  • We are very satisfied with your recommendation of the point of sale solution. While we have used Aloha for years, the latest system includes many advancements over their previous release that reduces errors, speeds the order entry by our servers and helps us balance and understand where our income is actually coming from.

    Tashas Coffee

  • inTouch Point of Sale’s “Quick Service” product has significantly improved our service turn-around times and our staff find it extremely easy to use. Combined with the easy “Stock Control” and “Online Ordering” modules inTouch helps keep us the leaders in the fast food industry.


  • “inTouch Point of Sale’s “Quick Service” product has significantly improved our service turn-around times and our staff find it extremely easy to use. Combined with the easy “Stock Control” and “Online Ordering” modules inTouch helps keep us the leaders in the fast food industry.”

    In The Kitchen

Key Features

  • Take orders at the table for increased speed of service
  • View all open tables and tabs within the restaurant
  • Easily modify items, split checks, print or email checks. You can even present a digital check to your customers through the reversed check view
  • Lookup recipes, allergens, preparation instructions and other product information
  • Apply Comps & Promo’s
  • Easy handling of split Payments: Cash, Credit Card other
  • Employee ‘Time & Attendance
  • Send messages to and from handhelds to easily communicate with your floor staff
  • Use standard WiFi infrastructure instead of expensive, proprietary hardware
  • No stylus or code number lookup required
  • Easy and quick programming
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